2014 Year in Review

This past year has been full of great things at The Armory.  There have been many new members and chances to host events. Some highlights include

  • Loveland Open Coffee Club starting meeting every other Tuesday this spring.  The group has grown from a handful of people to close to 20 at times.  
  • A local online marketing company held a hackathon at the Armory, working late into the night
  • A remote video game team held a week long game jam while preparing for a convention where they debuted a couple new scenes for their game
  • The Loveland Chamber of Commerce Stir networking group held one of their monthly social networking meetings here
  • Local author and Armory member Aaron Powers held a book signing for his first novel on a Night on the Town.  His book, Children of the Light, is available on Amazon.
  • Local music artist Nancy Just held a CD release party for a Night on the Town in the spring.  The Armory provided some great accoustics as she played a few songs from her CD
  • This December we were able to host a holiday party for a different company
  • The Artist's Collective met for one of their monthly gathering this Spring.
  • Two members at The Armory joined together to create a Tech4Good meetup.  They met and discussed how to use their abilities and technology to solve global social problems.
  • The CreatorSpace, prior to their opening their own space, held a couple classes at The Armory.
  • Held a record size class for Backbone.js development language.  A monthly JavaScript meetup has spun out of this class and will be starting in the new year
  • A group of gamers 24 hour video game marathon while raising money for the Children's Hospital
  • A 4 1/2 hour live video stream was filmed as a indy video game development company wrapped up a successful Kickstarter
  • Countless hours of meaningful work, collaboration, and other events that I am sure I have missed here  

The best part of this list is that the majority of these events were dreamed up and organized by the community.  The Armory is not just about what I can create, but providing space and connections for members to go after their interests.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the things they are passionate about.  I look forward to the coming year and more opportunities such as these.  


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