Benefits of Coworking

Coworking is often misunderstood.  Most times when I mention I am working to establish a coworking office in Loveland I get a puzzled look.  Once I explain what it is, there is usually an “Oh I get it” statement.  I don’t blame people for not understanding, I was in the same boat a couple years ago.  As I have experienced the community and offices of a few difference spaces, I have found the benefits of coworking to be incredible.

Working from home can be extremely lonely at times.  Twitter and Facebook help as they provide a touch to the outside world, but real relationships always are deeper and more meaningful.  Coworking offers a social environment while still being able to maintain occupational independence.  Deskmag, an online coworking magazine, recently published their findings from their Coworking Survery, which found 96% of those using coworking offices found community to be an important value in their space.  Also, 93% of coworkers experienced an increased social circle in the past year while 88% experienced less isolation.  Even if it for one day a week, coworking can be a benefit to independents, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

Along with the social benefits come motivational benefits.  There is something about being with others that are working hard that creates hard work in you.  This has been the biggest benefit I personally have found.  Deskmag’s survey reports that 76% of coworkers found their productivity to increase from being a part of an office.  Deskmag writes 74% of those surveyed state their self confidence has increased, which I believe is closely related to one’s productivity and motivation.

I have said in past posts that being with other that are like-minded is a great benefit to coworking.  The ability to know that others are in the same boat as well as having the ability to collaborate can create an exciting place to work.  The Loveland Coworking Community is already providing this benefit even as it is small and just starting.  A couple members of the meetup group have been able to work together on a project one of them was bidding.  On a global scale, Deskmag’s survey notes 86% of responders having a larger business network.  The collaborative side of coworking can also increase the skill sets of members due to being able to learn from those in other fields (Deskmag – 71% report increase) as well as using educational opportunities through their coworking offices.

For those that get involved in a coworking community the benefits are not merely just to have an office for their business.  If you are willing to give as well as receive, the community can help you grow professionally, relationally, and as a person.


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