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What do all coworkers have in common?  Whether it’s a standard office, or a coworking space, coworkers like to eat. This was made clear this week at our one-year anniversary lunch at The Armory. Nearly every member of The Armory showed up for a Qdoba buffet to eat and celebrate - nothing brings people together like food.

When I first arrived in Loveland a decade ago, there wasn’t much available beyond the standard hamburger joint, with the exception of a few good steak venues, including the ever-popular Black Steer. Loveland has never been known as an adventurous foodie community. However, downtown offers a surprising variety of options for the food connoisseur, and the trend continue to grow.


Within walking distance of The Armory you’ll find several good American style restaurants, including the Sport Station, right next door, with a lovely patio and their sister restaurant a few blocks away, Henry’s Pub. Both places make a good hamburger and each has their own unique atmosphere.

The Pourhouse Bar & Grill is another American food option, and with live music even during the week, it has become a gathering spot. And don’t forget the Black Steer, making Loveland’s best steaks and hamburgers since 1966.

There are three options for higher end dining. The newest hot spot is Next Door Food & Drink. A personal favorite because I love tapas, Next Door has a mountain chic vibe and brings a certain level of classiness to downtown. We reserve the 4th Street Chop House and Inglenook for special occasions. The Chop House makes an excellent steak and the Inglenook’s culinary delights entice folks from beyond Loveland to come and enjoy a meal here.

We’ve got quirky too. How about a sloppy Joe? Also known as a Maid Right, or a loose meat sandwich. Carl’s Canteen serve up loose meat sandwiches daily from behind an old fashion diner counter. Served up with ridged fries, it’s reminiscent of a lunch at grandma’s house, and I mean that in a good way.

Got a craving for Mexican food?  Loveland’s always done well in this department and there are three Mexican food establishments within walking distance of The Armory including The Tortilla Factory. This place makes their own tortillas daily, but be careful, they are highly addictive. This place is ideal for a fast, cheap and delicious lunch.

Adelita’s Fine Mexican Food is a Loveland favorite and a favorite of mine as well. Just don’t forget to bring cash. Cactus Grill, a more Tex Mex style restaurant that used to be located in southwest Loveland, will be reopening just a block away from The Armory, which will probably make it a prime lunch location for members.

One of downtown’s newest eateries has already been written about here on the blog. It’s quickly becoming a popular place for lunch for downtowners. Mo’ Betta Gumbo serves up fresh, hot Cajun style cuisine, including a gumbo of the day. That’s the only thing I’ve ever gotten in my three trips here, and it’s never disappointed.  A cup is just $5. 

Another new establishment is Doug’s Day Diner where I like the $5 take-out breakfast burrito and coffee combo. I haven’t eaten anything else here, but this place has quite the following in Fort Collins, so I predict it will do well at Lincoln Place.

There’s only one Asian restaurant within walking distance, Wonderful Dragon. So if the craving for sesame chicken should arise, as it sometimes does, downtown’s got you covered.

There are other places serving food downtown, including a couple coffee shops and bars that do double duty as restaurants like Generations and Tommy Gun’s Hideaway. For the most part, Loveland’s downtown food scene is pretty good for members of The Armory.

Now, if we could just entice an Indian food restaurant and pizza place downtown, life would be perfect.

Author’s Note: I’m sure I’ve forgotten a restaurant or two that’s within walking distance of The Armory. So feel free to add it in the comments section.

Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer is a full-time freelance writer as well as a professional blogger. She founded, the place for Colorado festival and travel information. She has bee coworking since 2010. You can reach her at


Don't forget Loveland Aleworks. Beer is food!!

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