Building Downtown Loveland

If you happened to notice, the blog has not been updated in a couple weeks.  I, Jason, have been doing a lot on introspective thinking about the direction and purpose of The Armory.  I had some great dreams and ideals when I started the journey towards opening the shared space.  I wanted to help form a community of independents, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creatives that collaborate and teach each other.  I also wanted to be involved in the revitalization of Downtown Loveland. I think there is great potential in the downtown area and would love to see it as the soul of the city that it should be.  Somewhere in opening the space I had lost those ideals and the vision.  The pressure of operating the business side had clouded my vision.  With the heart and soul searching that I have been doing came the realization I had lost that vision and I want it back.  The Armory is not a business; it is designed to be a home.  Forming a community that uses the Armory as it base of operations is the goal.  I am not concerned with making a huge profit on this venture, but bringing life to the downtown area through helping small businesses and independents grow and thrive.

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