Building Others

The Armory hosted its first class yesterday, Pinterest for Business.  It was great to have Nick Armstrong of WTF Marketing join us to lend his expertise to a few entrepreneurs.  The group was engaged and left with some good information to implement for their businesses.  This class was the first of many we will be offering.  

Why would an office be offering classes?

This is a valid question that can be raised about the Armory.  As stated in the last blog post, The Armory is not merely an office or a business, it is a designed to be a home for a community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives.  We are building that community by providing opportunities for collaboration and shared knowledge.  We all cannot be experts on everything, but together we can draw on our collective experience to grow professionally and personally.  We can accomplish more together than we can independently.

Bigger Picture - Building Others

Offering classes is part of the larger goal of bringing life to Downtown Loveland by helping independents and small businesses succeed.  This goal brought about the plan for what to do with the fees from classes.  There was a thought given to offering classes for free but the decision was made to charge a small fee for classes.  The money raised will, in turn, be given away.  Half will be given to the Loveland Center for Business Development to further help small businesses and new entrepreneurs.  The other half will be given to local charities at the speaker's choice.  If the speaker does not have a particular charity, the fees will be given to one that is working in the downtown area.  

For future classes and events you can stay updated by 'Liking' us on Facebook or joining our group.

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