Every community has a gathering point, something in common that draws everyone together.   Most offices gather around the goals of the company; wine tasting clubs gather to discover great wines; religions gather due to their common beliefs; coworking communities gather to work together yet independently.  Each member of the group has their own gig with their own companies, freelance work, or working remotely; yet what brings a coworking community together is the ability to have that common bond while maintaining their unique identity.

A common experience for a freelancer or independent is to work from a coffee shop.  You can spot them in any shop, the person spending hours at the same table pecking away at their computer.  If you have done this you have already experienced the typical meetup.  (We are using to organize our group)  We will gather at a designated time and place to work as we typically do but not by ourselves.  It is a fairly informal time with breaks to discuss each other’s work, plans for the weekends, or hiking recommendations.

I, Jason, have toured and worked at coworking offices in Boulder & Fort Collins as well as had meetups with a couple friends.  I can say there is an element of increased productivity from being around others that are focused on working.  I typically spend the day working remotely for a company in Iowa out of my basement.  I enjoy being able to pop upstairs to see my beautiful wife and 3 kids, but it does take a lot of mental energy and discipline to stay active at work all day.  Not only did I enjoy the increase in my work output, I also enjoy the social atmosphere of coworking.  Working at home can be isolating and although baristas are usually quite nice, you can only have a couple minute conversation with them before they have to make someone else’s drink.  There is something about having others to work alongside that makes you feel more human instead of just a machine to provide output for the company.  Don’t get me wrong, I greatly enjoy many of the aspects to working remotely, I have just noticed a a couple things I miss from working in an office.


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