The Coolest Stuff Happens in Downtown Loveland

When we moved to Loveland 11 years ago, the downtown wasn’t nearly the hip and happening place it is today. In fact, back then it was still a little sleepy. Corn Roast Festival was the biggest event that happened in the vicinity of downtown.

Things are a little different now. With the establishment of E.L. Events, formerly Engaging Loveland, more and more events have been taking place in downtown Loveland, and the biggest one is just around the corner.


Loveland Loves BBQ, Bands & Brews is a celebration of the 3-Bs that make summer great. As more and more breweries open their doors in Loveland, the beer part of the event gets better every year. This year, four local microbreweries will be pouring at LLBBB, including Grimm Brothers, Big Beaver, Verboten and Loveland Aleworks.

In addition, the event includes 2 ½ days of music on the main stage and there’s a band to suit every taste.

Last, but certainly not least, this is a barbecue event. This year more than 20 vendors will be selling tastes and full meals of their delicious meats. If for some reason you are not a fan of barbecue, there will be other food options as well, but I highly recommend the ribs from Outlawz BBQ. I think they might even turn a vegetarian.

Loveland Loves BBQ, Bands & Brews is July 12-13, 2013.

In conjunction with LLBBB, there’s a car show, market and a large art competition. The Sculpture Games, formerly called Assemble, will take place again this year at the Loveland Feed & Grain. Read my full-write up on HeidiTown about this amazing event.

The next downtown E.L. Event party is Spirits at Sunset on August 16. I attended this event last year and it was one of the highlights of our summer. It features food and spirits from local distilleries served up at the Foote Lagoon in downtown Loveland. With various bands playing on the Lagoon stage, Spirits at Sunset has a great laid-back, summertime vibe.


Rounding out the E.L. Event summer calendar is Oktoberfest, a brand new downtown event running September 20-21, 2013. The details on this event haven’t all been sorted out, but it will featured Grimm Brothers beer and will be on 4th Street in downtown.

And don’t forget USA Pro Challenge will be riding through downtown Loveland on the morning of Saturday, August 24th. This is the same weekend as Corn Roast Festival at Fairgrounds Park, just south of downtown,  so this will be one wild and crazy weekend in Loveland.

So there you have it. The next time someone tells you that Loveland is a quiet cow town with a big mall, show them this post, and set them straight. The coolest stuff happens in downtown Loveland!

Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer is a freelance writer and founder of, the entertaining source of information on Colorado festivals and travel. She has been coworking since 2010.


No longer the "home of the newly wed and nearly dead".... Loveland has always had the hottest art scene in the state. Now it has the freshest brews and all that that brings with it--bands, BBQ, &c. Thanks Heidi for keeping it out there and keeping it real.
Just in case there was any misinterpretation of my last paragraph, I love the "big mall" in Loveland. The Promenade Shops at Centerra rock! I just think people should know that there's more to Loveland than the mall at I25.
I LOVE living in downtown Loveland! It seems to get better and better every year.
Heidi, great article thanks. One minor correction, Corn Roast will be held in Downtown this year, along with the Pro Cycling Challenge. It will not be at Fairgrounds Park. Downtown will definitely be hopping this summer in Loveland.

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