Coworking Benefits

There have been a number of lists put together on the benefits of coworking.  One of my favorite lists is 23 Ways Coworking Will Change Your Career (And Life) For The Better.  Members and visitors of The Armory have been mentioning and experiencing some benefits that I thought would helpful to those unfamiliar with coworking. 


Several people have mentioned they are more productive working at The Armory rather than home or a coffee shop.  There is something about having a place that is dedicated to work that fuels people.  One person said, "I get three times as much done when I am coworking than when I work from home.  It's like we are all conspiring to get stuff done." 


With the ability to connect in a meaningful way with fellow freelancers and creative, comes the ability to collaborate and teach each other new skills.  There have been some amazing conversations had by a few of the web developers.  They have been teaching each other new tipsand tricks while hatching some new ideas.  As seen in the photo,   a couple of members, Clint (left) and Ryan, are brainstorming together on a couple different ideas.

Weak Ties

A very intersting article was written recently detailing the importance of weak ties.  The article states, "Weak ties generally connect people who move in different social or business circles. Because of this, they tend to have different information sets - things you don't already know, or aren't aware of, or new ways of looking at things."

Coworking is a great avenue to connect to those new people and increase each person's network of contacts. These connections are both business related as well as social.  The ability to know someone casually before working together can create an ability to more easily collaborate within the coworking space. 

Experience Coworking

Coworking is a relatively new concept in the past few years.  Its benefits and community are best understood if they can be experienced first hand.  The Armory is having a free day on May 31 for anyone that would like to see what coworking is all about.




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