Coworking Quotes

“But it’s the promise of innovation and community that makes coworking most appealing.  Behavioral studies have long shown that sharing and collaboration can   lead to instances of creativity and innovation in the workplace.  It only makes sense that organizations and small businesses find that they gain more from working together, rather than alone.  This type of collaborative working doesn’t mean you surrender your independence and lose your individuality, but instead share resources and space – and in the process find common ground with each other, lend expertise, and share ideas.” from Working in the UnOffice from Night Owls Press 


"Traditionally, society forces us to choose between working at home for ourselves or working at an office for a company. If we work at a traditional 9 to 5 company job, we get community and structure, but lose freedom and the ability to control our own lives. If we work for ourselves at home, we gain independence but suffer loneliness and bad habits from not being surrounded by a work community. Coworking is a solution to this problem." Brad Neuberg, first person to use the term "Coworking" and founder of first coworking space (The Spiral Muse in San Fransisco).


“Coworking hinges on the belief that innovation and inspiration come from cross pollination of different people in different fields or specializations.  Random opportunities and discoveries that arise from interactions with others – also dubbed ‘accelerated serendipity’ – play a large role in coworking.”  from Working in the UnOffice from Night Owls Press 

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