Coworking Resources

In an effort to help those that might be unfamiliar with coworking I have compiled some resources to help everyone learn more about coworking and how it can benefit freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers, and creatives. Whether you are already are a coworker or are simply interested in learning more, the following resources will give you a good idea about coworking, the people involved and how to get started 


Websites of Interest

Coworking Google Groupgreat forum for getting a pulse of the movement nationally and internationally

Coworking Weeklya curated newsletter of high quality coworking news and links

Coworking Wiki700+ pages of coworking knowledge, space directory, coworking visa information

Wikipedia entry - great place to start to get an overview of the definition and history of coworking

Deskmag - Magazine about coworking, its communities and spaces 

Must see coworking videos 


Books to Read

Working in the UnOffice - A guide to coworking for indie workers, small business, and nonprofits

Coworking Ebooks for Space Catalysts, Independents, & Coworkers - written by the founder of Cohere in Ft. Collins 


To follow on Twitter 

Alex Hillman (@alexknowshtml)cofounder of Indy Hall in Philadephia, teaches a masterclass for coworking space owners, and great resource for info on coworking

Blankspaces (@blankspaces) - coworking community in Los Angeles, regularly tweets great links on coworking

Deskmag (@deskmag) - great source of links on coworking and how to get the most out of your coworking experience

#coworkingfollow the topic to see what is happening around the coworking world (Tip: you don’t need to be on Twitter to watch this stream of ideas, articles and conversation—simply click on that link!)



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