Goal for New Year



Last year when I wrote a post at New Years about the previous year, I listed off all the events and programs The Armory hosted.  I think those events are a reflection of what the community is creating, but they can easily become about the space not the community. 

This past year has been one of changed perspectives for me.  This summer and fall I spent some time traveling, so I ended up working out of coffee shops, hotel rooms, hotel lobbies, and other public spaces.  Working in these places provided that perspective I had been missing.  I think with all the busyness of the year to that point, I had lost sight of the true value of coworking.  It isn't just having a cool space to work in, but in the people in that space.  Connections to real people and real community is what make The Armory a great place to work.  

With this refreshed view, I start the new year with a goal for The Armory.  I want to make this a place to belong not just work.  I look forward to what this year has for the myself and the community.

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