Learn by Doing

During a commencement address at Northwestern the great philosopher, Steven Colbert once said, "Life is an improvisation.  You have no idea what is going to happen next."

Looking back on my younger days during school and early adult life, I wish I would have learned this earlier in life.  I would only attempt new things or take risks if I was convinced I would succeed.  I had a hard time with failure.  In the past couple years, I have come to realize that my old view of life is one that is not close to reality.  Colbert's statement is pretty acurate.  There is no way to predict or control what the future holds.  

I have come to a new mindset that embraces the chaos of life and, specifically, being an entrepreneur.  Instead of making sure I know everything I need to before taking the first step, I now learn by doing.  I can not be fearful of what may come and how I might fail.  As Seth Godin once said, "A better question might be, 'after I fail, what then?'".  I now see my failures as opportunities to learn rather than crushing defeats they used to be.

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