Meaningful Work

What is it that connects the community at The Armory?  

I have spent much time thinking about that very question.  It isn't completely an easy one to answer.  Members are freelancers and entrepreneurs so most everyone is working as an individual.  The members are not all in the same industry as we have web developers, writers, video game developers, graphic designers, event planners, marketers, small business owners, remote workers, and a lawyer. So what is it that brings these people together? 

I believe that one of the biggest ties for the community is that everyone sees their work as meaningful.  Whether it is the writer that writes a travel blog or the web developer creating sites or the entrepreneur that is hustling to get their business started, they all see what they are doing as having purpose and meaning.

Malcolm Gladwell writes in his book Outliers that for work to be meaningful and satisfying, "Autonomy, complexity, and a connection between effort & reward are the three qualities that work has to have."

I see the members at The Armory, each in their own way, as have these qualities present in their work.  Everyone loves what they are doing even though most put in more that 40 hours each week and some work without pay as they strive to complete their projects.

I enjoy seeing the members do what they love, bringing meaning to everything they do.  It inspires me, motivates me to continue to build a community to support and encourage their work.


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