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Few people in the Loveland community have roots that go as deep as Wallis Osborn. The Osborn family, best known for their farm on South Boise Avenue in Loveland, has been in the area since the 1800s. They’ve been on the Boise Avenue farm since 1861.

Wallis Osborn has kept his family legacy alive by naming his new company, The W.B. Osborn Co., offering design, collaboration and creative consulting. This new venture has been Osborn’s plan for many years, but he needed to go away first and get some real life experience before fulfilling his ultimate dream of entrepreneurship.

“I always wanted to come back and do this, but logically, I knew I needed experience first,” said Osborn.

After high school, Osborn attended Fort Hays State University. They had a great graphic design program and Osborn new that this was the path he intended to take. During college Osborn kept his eye on the prize, a job at Leo Burnett advertising agency in Chicago, Illinois.

Osborn received his Bachelor in Fine Art with an emphasis in graphic design, and was one of four in his graduating class to get the coveted interview with Leo Burnett. He got the job, a huge achievement since the prestigious agency receives thousands of applications a year.

Osborn moved to Chicago and worked for Leo Burnett for seven years. He loved the character of the city of Chicago, and these years represented a tremendous learning period in his life. After sitting through thousands of hours in high end meetings at an advertising agency like Leo Burnett, Osborn has gleaned a wealth of information that he’s excited to pass along to his clients at The W.B. Osborn Co.

“With my experience, creativity is the foundation here at The W.B. Osborn Co. We try to be creative problem solvers. Our best success comes from people who come to us with a problem and agree to let us use our expertise to solve it,” said Osborn.

The business, located in downtown Loveland, includes Osborn and two employees. After coworking at The Armory for about a year, Osborn knew he wanted to locate his business in Loveland’s downtown area.

“Coworking gave me my first foothold in getting involved in downtown Loveland. Physically being at The Armory gave me the opportunity to have meetings downtown and it was easy for me to speak as someone who is part of the Loveland community,” said Osborn.

“Coworking is great for creativity too,” he added. “Collaboration is a big part of anything creative. Conversation with people who are creative is another one of my favorite things and that happens at The Armory.”

Osborn says much of his innate creativity comes from his mother, who has been involved with the Governor’s Art Show for many, many years. Today, Wallis Osborn has become involved with the respected art show as well. He also attributes his creative side to growing up on a farm.

“My dad is creative too in a handy way. Being a farmer, you make things work with what you have. You become a good problem solver,” said Osborn. “I was exposed to all of that growing up on a farm.”

When the flooding occurred in Loveland last year, the Osborn farm was hit, along with many other properties, and Osborn jumped into action. He and his team designed a t-shirt to help with flood support. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the t-shirt sales will go to flood relief via the Thompson Valley Rotary Foundation. You can purchase a t-shirt at The W.B. Osborn Co. located at 411 North Garfield in downtown Loveland, or online at

Find The W.B. Osborn Co. online at, email the company at or call (970) 292-8844.

Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer is a full-time freelance writer, small business owner and founder of, the place for entertaining information on Colorado festivals and travel. She has been coworking since 2010.


Congratulations, Wally. My dad and your grandfather, Wallis Buell, were brothers. Your mom and Aunt Judy are my cousins. Your Aunt Judy kept me informed of your progress when you were living in the Chicago area. I live in a suburb of Chicago. I have visited your folks' farm, and it's fantastic! Your parents are just as fantastic! I wish you 'super' success in your new endeavor. I thank your Aunt Judy for sending me this wonderful article about you. Best wishes. Cousin Betty Buell Kohlman

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