New Neighbors

Since we have opened, StoneForest Real Estate Services has been next door at 413 N Railroad.  They started the business about the same time as the Armory opened.  We have been sharing resources, their conference room and our kitchen, since that time. It has been great having them growing next to us. They have outgrown their current space and will be moving to a larger office across from the Rialto on 4th.  We will miss having them as neighbors but are excited for their company to continue to be able to grow.

StoneForest's New Office at 239 E 4th Street


This has created an opportunity for the Armory to expand next door and have a couple companies to move in.  Marshall, moderator for Open Coffee on Tuesdays, and his company, Newline Technical Innovations, will be moving in as well as Steve Audette, a solopreneur.  They are both tech companies specializing in software development.  I'm pretty excited to be able to bring in a couple like minded companies to be able to continue to grow the entrepreneurial community in downtown Loveland.  The new neighbors should be fully moved in by the end of the month.

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