Teaching My Kids to be Entrepreneurs



This past summer, my family embarked on the adventure of becoming backyard farmers.  We purchased ten freshly hatched chicks, had fun as a family naming all the chickens, and designed and built a chicken coop for them to live in.  We decided to do this not only for the farm fresh eggs, which are amazing, but also as an opportunity to teach our kids about hard work and business.  We have decided to homeschool our kids which gives us the ability to use real life as our classroom.  

Our chickens are just getting to the point of laying enough eggs to start selling them to a few people which is the beginning of our kids' business class.  We are planning on having them keep track of how many eggs we collect, how much we spend on feed, and our sales.  This will give them a chance to see all the different details of running a business - understanding sales, customer service, how to keep records, cash flow, etc.  I look forward to helping to teach them the ins and outs of entrepreneurship as well as enjoying farm fresh eggs for breakfast :)

I want my kids to be able to think like entrepreneurs mainly due to not knowing what the future holds.  Twenty years ago, we had no idea what Facebook or iPhones or many other technologies were.  I am guessing that what my kids will be doing for jobs have not even been thought of yet.  No matter if they are a doctor or a home builder or an entrepreneur, they are going to need to be able to be creative, think outside the box, and take intiative.  At this point, we are using the chickens as the vehicle to teach our kids these traits so that in the future they will be able to apply these lessons to other arenas as well.  

If teaching your kids to be an entrepreneur intrigues you, I recommend this TED talk



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