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This past Friday TEDxFrontRange was held for second year at The Rialto Theater in downtown Loveland.  TEDx is an afternoon filled with talks and demonstrations focused on  "Ideas Worth Sharing."  

I feel a kinship to the TED community.  There are  similarities between the vision for TED and for The Armory in the desire for openness, innovation, and collaboration.  Some of the members at the Armory, including TEDx speaker Elise Weiland, are doing innovative, meaningful work.  They are finding ways to solve problems, help others, and make a difference in this world.  I feel honored to be involved with both TEDx and the people at The Armory.

Some of the quotes from TEDx that I have been chewing on over the weekend: 

"I couldn't wait for answers to find me, I had to go out and create it" Megan Tracy

"There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going" Dr. Jon Kedrowski

"Find the place where your vision and your values intersect and go out and do it" Elizabeth Weiland

"If you are ready to innovate, pick your one idea and focus" Ed Van Dyne

I think the aspect of TEDx that I appreciate the most is the desire to not let ideas remain ideas.  There is an aspect of taking action on the ideas that are shared.  It takes great courage to not just think outside the box but to live outside the box

I look forward being freshly inspired while listening to the talks again once they are posted online and at next year's TEDx in Loveland.


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