Utilizing Your Coworking Passport


It may not get you to Paris, France, but your coworking passport will get you in the door of any coworking space that participates in the passport visa program, and most do.


So how does this work? If you belong to The Armory in Loveland, and you have to do business in Boulder for the day, you can utilize one of  Boulder’s coworking spaces, for free.


Pretty nifty, right?


I have been coworking since early 2010, and I have utilized the passport systems at coworking spaces in Boulder, Denver and Longmont.


It’s a good idea to contact the coworking space where you want to work for the day, and let them know that you’ll be stopping by. Explain that you are a member of XYZ coworking and you’ll be coming into town on such-and-such date and want to use your passport to work at their place.


You can even utilize their conference room. Let’s say you belong to The Armory, but have to visit a client in Denver, but don’t want to meet in a noisy coffee shop with unsecured Wi-Fi. You can find a coworking space with a conference room and meet your client there. In this situation

it’s very important that you contact the space prior to your visit, because conference rooms need to be booked in advance.


How does one go about finding coworking spaces in Colorado? Well, our nice friends over at Cohere, LLC, a coworking community in Fort Collins, have blogged about it. See their comprehensive list of coworking spaces in Colorado HERE.


Remember, you can even use your passport across state lines, so if you find yourself in New York, for instance, and need a place to do a little work, find the nearest coworking space and settle in.


So there you have it. It’s time to pull out your coworking visa and start moving. I’ve coworked in Boulder simply to try out a different coworking space and to eat at one of the city’s fantastic restaurants. After all, sometimes a change of scenery is good for the soul and can get the creative juices flowing.


Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer is a freelance writer and founder of HeidiTown.com. She has been coworking since early 2010.

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