What is a Co-lunch?


You’ve heard of coworking, but have you heard of co-lunching? The phenomenon started with a French entrepreneur who launched his lunch idea in Paris in 2010. His company, CoLunching.com, quickly spread to 18 countries. Wouldn’t it be nice if you company grew that fast?

The concept is fairly simple, although CoLunching.com is clunky to use. It’s literally lunch with strangers. The original concept was to bring together bored office workers around good food and good conversation. It was a way to escape the office, Facebook and Twitter and meet new people face-to-face and try a new restaurant too – win/win/win!

Co-lunching has becoming more. Other websites popped up, adopting the same model, and even CoLunching.com has tweaked its own model over its short existence. 

Last year, I attended CoLunching.com lunches in Boulder and in Fort Collins, and while it’s about bringing together strangers over a good meal, it’s gone the way of many social gatherings these days – it’s about networking.

CoLunching.com describes itself as “all about communal dining- a mix of sharing unexpected encounters around a great meal. The concept of social networking has finally come to lunch in order to reinvent the tradition of civilized dining, with shared moments of conviviality that promote the art of conversation and culinary pleasures.”

A big high-minded?  Perhaps, but it didn’t take long for people to realize this was an opportunity for a new style of networking and CoLunching.com wasn’t about to let that opportunity pass them by. They now have this language on the site:

“Colunching™, Cobrunching™ , et Codining™ are great public relations tools which allow professionals (coaches, recruiters, talent agents) to promote their activity through organized events on a quality social network – dedicated to those who prefer real-life interaction over the virtual.”

Attending a co-lunch is a unique way to network. Instead of the harried business of networking at a meet-up or chamber event, lunch is more relaxed environment. You can have deeper conversations and get to know people on a more intimate level.

Want to know more about CoLunching in Colorado? Go to CoLunching.com, create a profile and then find a network.

By the way, we have monthly co-lunches at The Armory. Our lunches involve members of the space coming together at different restaurants around Loveland to enjoy food and company. Our next “co-lunch” is April 18, 2013 at Cactus Grill.

Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer is a freelance writer and founder of HeidiTown.com, the place for info on Colorado festivals and travel. She has been coworking since 2010. 

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