What is Coworking?

First and foremost coworking is a community.  It is a group or groups of entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners, startups, and telecommuters that join together to form a creative, collaborative community.  These types of jobs typically work from home or coffee shops in relative isolation.  Coworking offers an environment where people can be working together, yet still be independent.  Being in community provides great opportunities to bounce ideas around, get valuable feedback, learn from the experience of others while escaping the distractions of home.

Coworking can also refer to a different style of office space.  The office is set up to allow for a more social, collaborative, and informal work environment.  Floor plans are open with private and communal spaces.  The office layout is greatly influenced by the community using the space.

Examples of coworking offices in Colorado

Cohere in Ft. Collins

Boulder Digital Arts

Creative Density in Denver


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