Who is Coworking For?

Each individual coworking office has it’s own unique community, created by the individuals using the space.  It may have a tech/web developer feel, an urban hipster feel, a freelancer/independent vibe.  As Heidi, the Mayor of heiditown.com, told me last week, coworking is about being around those that are like-minded; those that are in similar employment situations; those that understand the stresses that you go through. Ultimately, people and community is what coworking is about.

The question of who is coworking for has been raised to me in the past few weeks.  I comprised of list of members I would love to have be a part of the Loveland Coworking Community.

  • Entrepreneurs – starting a new business in Loveland (I would fall into this group)
  • Freelancers – have an established gig(s) but not for one single business
  • Remote Workers – working for an established business but looking for a place outside the house or coffee shop (I would also fall into this camp as well)
  • People People – those seeking a social environment while still maintaining their independent employment
  • Give more than they get – a person who enjoys helping others grow their business and themselves
  • Country Music Fans – as long as they keep their headphones on so everyone doesn’t have to listen ;)
  • Small Business Owners – have an established business but might not be large enough business to afford the overhead of their own office
  • Creatives/Artists – those inspired by being around other people
  • Everyone else – all are welcome.  Check us out to see if this is the place for you!

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