Why Coworking Works for Me (Guest Post by Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer)



I left the “office space” world for good in 2008. I had been freelance writing and working as an

office manager, but when I was laid off from my office job, I decided to try writing full-time.

The only thing I have ever missed about working in an office was the water cooler.


I’m a very social person, and although working from home definitely has its perks, it’s lonely.

My dog is good company, but she’s not a great conversationalist.


I discovered coworking in early 2010, and my introduction was through Angel Kwiatkowski,

founder of Cohere, LLC, a coworking space in Fort Collins, Colorado.


I had mixed feelings after my first experience of coworking at Cohere. On that first day the space

was alive with conversation and I wondered how anyone ever got anything done, but the second

time it was quiet and everyone was hard at work.


Unknowingly, I had authentically experienced coworking on both instances. Coworking

communities are organic – sometime energetic and other times serious. I joined Cohere and

was part of the community for two years. Through my membership there I made professional

connections and I met people who will be lifelong friends.


Why coworking works for me:


1. It gets me out of my pajamas,

2. It fulfills the need for human contact,

3. It gets me working.


As it turns out, the last part is the most important, because if we don’t work, we don’t pay the

bills. When I get dressed in real grownup clothes, load up my laptop and leave the house, my

mind clicks into work mode.


Coffee shops never completely did the trick for me, although I did manage to get more work

done there than at home, the ear-piercing noise of espresso machines and gabbing grandmas

were a constant distraction.


I now cowork at The Armory and it is exciting to be in on the ground floor of another growing

coworking space. I look forward to guest blogging each month and sharing stories about the

adventures of coworking in Loveland, Colorado.


Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer is a freelance writer and founder of HeidiTown.com, a blog about

festivals, events and destinations around Colorado.

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