Two Years

Two years ago today, The Armory opened for the first time.  I remember staying up late the night before putting the finishing touches on the space and cleaning it thoroughly until 1 am.  The next morning I sat there expectantly waiting the first guest and the excitement of when the first person stopped in.  It was a great day.  

Over time, the memories change from being about the space to being about the people I've met and been honored to work alongside.  The members, now friends, are some of the most amaizing people.  There have been many moments to celebrate and share in each others' joys as well as hard times to share in each others' struggles and cry together. The Armory is merely a space, but has become a place for shared experiences and connections. I am grateful to have been able to provide a platform for a community to form.  I look forward to what the next chapter of the story of The Armory brings.



Hi there Jason, I was wondering if you could share how you started, where did your first guest come from? How did he/she find you and decide to try it out? I am now making arrangements to start a coworking space in Februari, hence my curiosity ;) Great site btw!
I'm sorry but I did not see your comment until now. Could you email me directly at jason (at) I would be happy to share my story with you

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