Jason Rohlf

Jason currently is working remotely for Beisser Lumber as construction estimator. He is the sole estimator for a contractor based lumber yard in the Iowa City, IA area. Projects he works on range from individual residential houses to large apartment complexes. As the founder behind getting the coworking community started at The Armory, Jason is able to combine his passions of connecting people and helping others grow, professionally and personally. He hopes the space will be a place where life happens and a community of like minded independents forms. He is happily married to his beautiful wife Leah and father of 4 kids (Belle, Johnny, Kade & Grace). Dreaming of new business ideas, outdoor adventures, or a carmel latte with thought provoking conversation about life and faith are just a few of the things he enjoys.
Estimator & Space Curator
Beisser Lumber & The Armory